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Business Process Solutions

Business Process Solutions

These days, every business is rapidly facing changing regulatory framework, adoption of sophisticated approaches by authorities and swift changes in technology.

We can assist you in increasing operational effectiveness by providing following services:

Financial Accounting

  • Financial reporting
  • Book keeping

Tax Advisory and Compliance

  • Start-up support – Advise of evaluating growth plans, creating reporting structures and developing internal policies and systems
  • Tax data integration – Mapping policies and standards and design solution and data model workflows on finance, accounting and taxation management tools
  • Assist business to stay up-to-date with continually changing local tax regulations
  • Provide integrated approach to process improvement that can help a tax department manage its strategic value to the organization
  • Providing businesses with an efficient way of handling tax compliances workload and meeting deadlines.

Human Resources and Workforce Management

  • Customize and setup payroll system as per business requirements
  • Calculate tax withholding and other deductions for employees
  • Generate compliance and business reporting
  • Prepare income and withholding certificates
  • Administrative support on hiring, contracting and maintenance of employee files
Business Process Solutions